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In this workshop "Crafting a Powerful Resume Using AI" designed to be facilitated in 75 minutes you will receive an entire resume development presentation that will equip your students with everything they need to create their own resume and how to harness the power of generative AI to enhance their resume. This presentation focuses on the usage of ChatGPT as its AI. All our presentations include a presenter's script, meaning anyone could open the workshop and present it with the script.  Your purchase is for a license to use at your school and may not be shared distrcit wide. Each school must purchase their own license.


Presentation Length: 75 minutes (Actual length will vary based on student demographic)

Grade Level: 12th Grade and College Level (Designed for Adult Learners) 
Value: Over 40+ hours of Research and Development at the average faculty hourly rate of $54 per hour in California would cost you over $2100. The presentation was developed by a Faculty Career Counselor with over 12 years of experience working in colleges and is available at the rate of just $350, saving you time and money.


Need an invoice for a purchase order? Please email and we will draft one for you. 


Purchase Includes:  

  1. Workshop with Presenters Script 
  2. (2) Cover Letter Samples  
  3. (1) Cover Letter Template
  4. (2) Chronological Resume Samples 
  5. (2) Combination Resume Samples 
  6. (1) Chronological Resume Template 
  7. (1) Combination Resume Template 
  8. Resume Checklist



Can I record the workshop and share it in my LMS or in a student portal? 
Yes, only if recordings are made available only within the Licensed College's student learning management systems or other password-protected platforms exclusively accessible to the college's students. 


Can I change the format, images or colors used on the PowerPoint to reflect my college’s branding requirements?  
Yes, provided Career Vita is credited on each slide in a minimum of size 8 font as “Career Vita©2023” All of the images used in the PowerPoint included are “Open Source” images from Microsoft Office.  


Can I record the workshop when I present it and post it on the school’s YouTube or Website that is open to the public?  
No, you may not post recordings of the workshop where it can be accessed by the public.  

Can I share the workshop and resources with other colleges within my school's district?  
No, the license purchase is for a single school. Please contact Career Vita if you would like to get information about district purchase rates.  


I am having trouble with the zip folder and can't access the documents?

Please email from the email address you used to purchase the documents and we will email you copies of the documents for download. Your email 


Disclaimer: All the text in the workshop is copywrite protected and owned by Career Vita. You must have Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint software to utilize the resources. Career Vita does not provide Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint Software with the purchase.  

Crafting a Powerful Resume With AI Presentation Package

  • Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Office

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