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Cybersecurity, IT Program/Project Management & Technical Training Solutions

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You're only as SECURE as your weakest LINK

Train your staff on the best practices for preventing phishing, and social engineering while ensuring data security. You can have the best firewall, but if your staff don't understand how cybersecurity best practices your network is still at risk.

We also offer consulting services for technical project management and change management.

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Daniel Juarez, PMP, CISSP

Daniel is an accomplished information technology and people manager offering over 15 years of progressive experience. Specializing in cybersecurity, engineering, systems engineering, social engineering prevention, technical training and network administration with active CISSP and PMP Certifications. He offers a demonstrated history of collaboration with international stakeholders and completing projects for Fortune 100 companies, the US Federal Government and Tech Companies.   

 Daniel is fully bilingual in Spanish and English and can offer services in either language.
Daniel's LinkedIn

Examples of Services

  • Cybersecurity "Best Practices" trainings for non-technical staff.

    • Comprehensive preventative training to ensure your staff know how to spot phishing and social engineering to keep data secure.​

  • Cybersecurity "Best Practices" trainings for Technical Staff.

    • Comprehensive preventative training to ensure your technical staff are up to date on the latest prevention techniques. ​

  • Consulting Projects

    •  IT Project Management

    • Change Management

    • Leadership Coaching

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