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Online Professional Development and Training Courses for Counselors, Faculty and Classified Professionals 

National Career Development Association (NCDA) Select Continuing Education Provider 

Returning FALL 2023

Career Counseling: Career Options for Undocumented/Borderless Students November 2022

Audience: Counselors, Coaches and Career Development Professionals that work support the demographic associated with this training. 

In this on-demand training you will learn the techniques needs to appropriately career counselor, coach or advising individuals who are undocumented/borderless. All is not lost and these individuals do have career options here in the United States. The training will cover tangible and real career options as well as a clear strategy to help these individuals feel confident and empowered when making career choices. 

The information in this training is updated as of October 5, 2022 legislation. 

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Personal Branding for Students

Personal Branding for Students  ($260)

Audience: Counselors, Career Advisors, Career Coaches, Career Center Staff, Graduate Students in Counseling Programs, and Career Development Professionals (Content is not geared toward the general public)

Tik Tok, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook are not just for fun anymore. I will teach you how to show your clients or students how to harness the power of social media outlets to fast track their career opportunities. In this training you will learn how to teach your students about the modern resume practice, the importance of LinkedIn, professional and personal branding through social media as well as how to build resiliency in students when it comes to dealing with “Likes” and those nasty internet trolls.

MBTI Group Interpretation Training 

MBTI® Group Interpretation Training ($250.00)

Link to be emailed to the email used on the payment registration 7 days prior to the training. 

Prerequisite: MBTI® Certification, proof of certification must be emailed to Connect Career Consulting 7 days prior to the training. 

Audience: Geared toward College and High School Counselors, but all participants meeting the prerequisite can attend.
In this interactive Zoom Live training you will learn how to facilitate a classroom or group MBTI® interpretation online or in person. Our expert MBTI Certified facilitator with 10+ years of interpretation experience will take you through the process of proper group interpretation in a digital or in person environment. Learn how to properly validate participant’s dominate type in a group setting and activities for facilitating participant understanding of their dominate MBTI® type preference. 

MBTI® is a registered trademark of the Myers Briggs Foundation. While the foundation does allow us to use their name when advertising or offering workshops, it is important to note that this training and Connect Career Consulting are not affiliated with the Myers Briggs Foundation, nor are we employed by them, nor do we receive any financial compensation from them.


Recording will be available for 2 weeks after the initial live training.

Career Counseling: Career Options for Justice Involved Students 

Details coming soon
Training Scheduled for December 2022

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Career Development In the Classroom for Instructional Faculty (January 2023)


Coming Soon

Community College Career Counseling Training (February 2023)

Community College Career Counseling Training ($750) TRAINING FULL–NEXT COHORT 2023. GET ON OUR WAITLIST BY SIGNING 
Pre-Recorded with Live Q&A
2.5 hrs of training Pre-Recorded Training Content released daily during the week. 
30 minutes Q&A Live at 5:00pm PST each day of the training. 
1.5 Hours Each Day of Reading and Homework. (This is in your own time)
20 Hours CE Total 
Required Text: Luck is No Accident
Location: Live on Zoom
Our most popular training is now offered online for individual purchase. Previously coined “The Career Theory Training” This training was previously only offered through campus purchase, but is now available for individual purchase. 

Join Kellie Corbisiero, Certified Career Counselor with over 11 years of experience working in California Community Colleges to learn about career theory and how you can implement it into your counseling practice. You will learn practical easy interventions that you can use with students to help them with their career decision making process all while utilizing an equity lens. This training aligns with the Guided Pathways “Clarify the Path Pillar” for campuses restructuring for California Guided Pathways Initiatives. 

Topics Include: 

  • Career Development Theories (What they are and How to use them)

  • The Career Planning Process

  • Career Myths that hold Students Back

  • Cultural Implications in Career Decision Making

  • Practical Applications and Techniques

  • Career Options: DACA and Borderless /Undocumented Students

  • Career Techniques and Considerations for Student Veterans

  • Career Options: Formerly Incarcerated/Justice Involved

  • Intervention Plan Development

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Generational Considerations and Career Development

  • Incorporating Career Development into Counseling/Personal Growth Courses

  • and more…

Prerequisite: Masters degree in Counseling, Education with a Specialization in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy or a closely related degree. Please email us before registering if you are not sure if your degree would be accepted. Graduate students currently enrolled in a Counseling graduate level programs are welcome as long as they have completed at least (1) general counseling theory course. 

Audience: Geared toward Community College General Counselors and Career Counselors 

Prerequisite Verification

(This course has a Prerequisite) Prerequisite Verification Process: Upon your registration completion, please email us an unofficial copy of your graduate degree transcripts. If you are currently enrolled as a student, please email us a copy of your unofficial transcripts that show completion of a counseling theory course. If the title of the course is not called “Counseling Theory” or doesn’t contain those words, please also email a copy of the course description from your school’s catalog. Prerequisite verification documents must be received 5 business days before the start of the program. If you register with less than 14 days before the start of the program, please email them immediately upon registration completion. Please feel free to black out any personal information on your transcripts other than course names and your legal name. Your name for registration must match what is on the transcripts. Preferred name can be used on your final Certificate of Completion once issued, but for prerequisite purposes the names must match.

Mental Wellness and Careers 

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