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Career Counselor Intensive


A comprehensive one-on-one training to help you go deeper into your practice as a Career Counselor.

Offered in a one or two day intensive training where I work with a College, High School or Elementary School Counselor to help them practice and integrate the career theories learned in our The Career Theory Training™ into their counseling practice 

Who is this training for?
Counselors with a Masters Degree working in an Elementary School, High School or College setting. Ideally this individual would have attended the Career Theory Training first, but it is not required.

What happens during the training?
I start by observing the Counselor in 2-3 appointments and then we have a 2 hour debrief and discuss their technique. I provide training to show them how they can integrate the career theory techniques and model these techniques with the counselor. This can be done in a one day intensive or two days. Actual time length each day will depend on each individual’s knowledge of career counseling and the school’s needs.

Why did I develop this training?

It came to my attention from several colleagues that many schools hire Counselors to work as Career Counselors who don’t have a lot of Career Counseling experience and this isn’t surprising given that there is currently only two Career Counseling Masters degree programs in the entire state of California.

Pricing: Varies based on counselors prior career counseling knowledge and length of intensive. A small assessment will be completed by the counselor that will be receiving the training and once reviewed we will provide a detailed quote and recommendations.

*Payment, Cancelation and Refund Policy

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