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Our Story


My name is Kellie Corbisiero and this is the story of 
Career Vita

 I have had a lot of jobs and was never really sure what to do with my career in my teens and 20’s. I also had a lot of misconceptions about how my career journey was suppose to look or what I was suppose to do. Being the first person in my family to go to college I also faced another barrier of not knowing how college worked. I often felt lost when I was in college and found myself just going through the motions. 

Through a long journey I eventually found my way to being a Career Counselor, with a dedication to help others understand their career journey. 

I turned this desire to help people into becoming the top Career Counseling Expert in the Collegiate System in California, sought out by colleges for trainings, guided pathways consulting and counseling . I am an active learner and partake in multiple professional development trainings a year to stay on top of the latest trends in the job market and in the Career Theory world. 

As Community College Faculty member I frequently became frustrated with Consultants that we hired to do Career or Student Services work when they had no background with our students, staff or faculty and no idea what it was like working in the California Collegiate system. These consultants  repeatedly put out the same old outdated theories that I knew wouldn’t work anymore.  None of them had the experience needed nor could they capture what our college needed. After meeting with yet another consultant to try to find someone to help us integrate career development for guided pathways I finally had enough and went to speak to one of my colleagues about my frustration, when he suggested I do it! He knew I had the experience and knowledge to do what the consultants were doing, but in a way that would work at the time he made this recommendation I was also 9 months pregnant and had little interest in creating a consulting company.


 It wasn’t until  I was two weeks postpartum after having my son that something clicked and I knew I could have an even bigger impact on helping people if I trained the helpers, if I brought my internal perspective to colleges to help them transform into institutions that help students understand and reach their goals. I spent my maternity leave between sleepless nights and baby naps creating my flagship training, The Career Theory Training™, now called the Career Counseling Certificate and from there my business took off and I have provided my training and consulting services statewide, booking my first training, just a few weeks after my launch in 2018. 


At Career Vita, (Formerly Connect Career Consulting) we offer over 10 years of progressive counseling, human resources, leadership development, educational counseling and career counseling experience. This company was founded to change the way people purse their careers and to help people live a more satisfying life. 

We aim to enable growth, harmony, understanding of individual differences and career growth.

Education, Certifications and Qualifications:

  • Master of Science, Counseling (Specializing in Career Counseling)

  • Bachelor of Art, Psychology (Specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis)

  • NCDA Certified Career Counselor

  • NACE Career Coaching Certified

  • NCDA Select Continuing Education Provider 

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Certified

  • Strong Interest Inventory Certified 

  • Over 15 years of progressive work experience in HR, Counseling and Higher Education.

Virtual Conference Presentation Recordings

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