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Our Story

Kellie Corbisiero, CCC

Meet Kellie Corbisiero, creator of Career Vita. From uncertain beginnings and the first in her family to attend college, Kellie navigated through confusion and misconceptions to become a dedicated Career Counselor. Transforming her passion into expertise, she rose to become one of California's top Career Counseling experts in the Collegiate System, renowned for her innovative trainings and consulting.


Frustrated with consultants who lacked understanding of the California Collegiate system who clung to outdated methods, yet advertised themself and "Career Experts",  Kellie, then a Community College Faculty member decided to make a change. Harnessing her unique insights and extensive experience, she created the Career Counseling Certificate, formerly the Career Theory Training™. Launched in 2018, her business rapidly grew, revolutionizing career guidance with her trainings and consulting services across the state.

Kellie's journey reflects a deep commitment to empowering both students and counselors in the ever-changing landscape of career development. Her unique approach combines personal experience with professional expertise, ensuring that her training is not only theoretically sound but also practically applicable.


She continuously updates her knowledge through professional development, staying at the forefront of job market trends and career theory. Her flagship training, the Career Counseling Certificate, embodies this blend of innovation and real-world insights.

Kellie's vision and dedication have made her a sought-after expert, changing countless lives by equipping counselors with the tools they need to effectively support their students' career journeys.


"It's more than just a training program; it's a movement towards transforming educational institutions into nurturing environments that guide students to realize and achieve their career aspirations." 
Kellie Corbisiero


At Career Vita we offer over 15 years of progressive counseling, human resources, leadership development, educational counseling and career counseling experience. This company was founded to change the way people purse their careers and to help people live a more satisfying life. 

We aim to enable growth, harmony, understanding of individual differences and career growth.

Education, Certifications and Qualifications:

  • Master of Science, Counseling (Specializing in Career Counseling)

  • Bachelor of Art, Psychology (Specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis)

  • NCDA Certified Career Counselor

  • NACE Career Coaching Certified

  • NCDA Select Continuing Education Provider 

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Certified

  • Strong Interest Inventory Certified 

  • Over 15 years of progressive work experience in HR, Counseling and Higher Education.

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