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CV Master Class

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Are you aspiring to join the ranks of academia as a faculty member? Have you applied to numerous faculty positions, but never get a called for an interview? The journey to securing a faculty position begins with a well-crafted Curriculum Vitae (CV) that highlights your accomplishments, skills, and expertise. Join me for an illuminating workshop where you'll learn the art of creating a compelling faculty CV, guided by a seasoned career counselor with over a decade of experience in academic career development who has served on faculty hiring committees. Workshop Highlights: In this workshop, you'll delve into the intricacies of designing a faculty CV that stands out in a competitive job market. Our esteemed career counselor, with a wealth of expertise and a history of active involvement in numerous faculty hiring committees, will offer expert guidance and share exclusive insights into the intricate dynamics of these panels. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of what hiring committees truly seek and learn to tailor your CV to capture their attention. What You'll Learn: 1. Essential CV Elements 2. Formatting and Presentation 3. The Art of Customizing your CV 4. Utilization of AI to Enhance your CV 5. Insider Hiring Insights: Gain a rare perspective from someone who has been actively involved in multiple faculty, dean and VP hiring committees. 6. Q&A Session

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